Handcrafted Soap by Zolia Vera

Handcrafted Soap by Zolia Vera

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Old Black MagicAn extraordinary soap brewed with Peppermint Oil & Clove. Toxin absorbing activated charcoal soothes problematic skin with ease. A curiously fragrant blend, brimming with natural oils.

Poison AppleSpecial edition brew of Red Apple and savory spices. This scarlet red cleanser is brimming with natural oils and an authentic orchard aroma. Each bar is packed with soothing, fresh ingredients to keep your skin lively all year round.

Elderflower GinIntoxicate your senses with a healthy dose of Gin & Elderflower. Juniper and Lemon Essential oil stirred up with a twist to deeply cleanse impurities. Super smooth Coconut Oil balanced with swirls of Bentonite Clay and garnished with a hint of clean, crisp Lime.

Atlantic BarOur Atlantic Bar is the gentle exhale you need after a long day. Mineral enriched Sea Salt and Coconut Oil create a deeply nourishing, frothy lather that melts into skin. Swirled with Bentonite clay for luxuriously mild cleansing.

Volstead WhiskeyLather up with the unmistakable aroma of deep amber rye, bitter with crushed clove oil and a twist of orange peel. a unique, smoky blend sure to stir up speakeasy daydreams.

Violet and Black AmberSweet, fragrant Violet blossoms, black smoky Amber & notes of Bergamot flood this uplifting bar. A delicate floral blend, for gentle cleansing and a vibrant sensory experience.

Lemon BalmA creamy fusion of Lemon Essential Oil and gentle Coconut Oil blend into a luscious lather. Immerse yourself in this bright, sensory experience brimming with citrus, Bergamot, and Primrose. A hardworking bar soap that helps restore luster to dull, damaged skin.

Gilded Rose: A truly decadent blend of Rose Absolute and Jojoba Oil for incredibly nourished skin. Brimming with Coconut Oil and swirls of Pink Kaolin Clay, carried by a light aroma of English Rose Buds.

Dark RoastThis caffeinated concoction of natural oils and ground Coffee is sure to make your skin glow! Wake up dull skin with an invigorating sensory experience. Natural antioxidants scrub away to reveal glowing skin every morning!

Milk & Oat: A luscious combination of colloidal oats and goat's milk to soothe your itchy and dry skin.