Calming/Anxiety Tumble Stones

Calming/Anxiety Tumble Stones

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This selection of stones are compiled specifically to combat stress and anxiety, creating a calming effect. They come packed together in a gift bag. 

Clear Quartz - amplifies other crystals, balances all planes, focuses the mind

Rainbow Moonstone - Promotes happy home, combats mood swings, soothes inner self

Tiger Eye - Grounding, promotes trust and common sense, boosts confidence, relieves worry and depression

Amethyst - All healer, battles addiction, excellent for meditation

Smoky Quartz - Protection against bad luck,  dispels nightmares, increases the ability to move forward

Blue Kyanite - Increases perseverance and mental stamina, aids communication, aids dream recall

Black Tourmaline - Helps emotional stability, removes negativity and victim mentality, relieves anxiety, strongly protective

Amazonite - Soothes trauma and calms the soul, promotes harmony and balance, helps you to express your feelings, promotes empathy, helps you set boundaries

Rose Quartz - Promotes self healing and self love, unconditional love and universal love, fortifies relationships, encourages self forgiveness